Hi, I'm Raf

Hi, I'm Raf

I was born in London and grew up in Sydney.

I went backpacking around the US and Europe for 5 months in 2016.

I moved to Seattle to work at Dropbox in Feb 2017.

I currently work at Common Room.

I have a Computer Science degree from UNSW.

I love to read, I'm always in the middle of three or four books.

I watch a lot of films and I used to host a monthly Beer, Pizza, and Movies night.

I enjoy running and weightlifting, but these are trumped by a love of cooking, eating, coffee, beer, and whisky.

I like to teach, and have experience teaching high school and university students.

I also tutored at UNSW. Most recently, I tutored Operating Systems.

I did internships at NICTA Software Systems Research Group and Atlassian.


Developed a business metric reporting tool for internal use.

Worked on a machine learning tool to classify relevance of written material.

Created a live leaderboard for an internal game that helps new hires settle in.

Technologies: Apache Hive, Node.js

Developed and implemented a communication protocol over the CAN bus for use in vehicles

Technologies: Process Algebra for Wireless Networks (AWN), C hardware drivers, AR Assembly
Employed as a casual tutor for undergrad Computer Science courses:
  • COMP3231 Operating Systems in 16s1
  • COMP1927 Data Structures and Algorithms in 14s2, 15s1, 15s2
Duties included
  • Preparing and delivering classes to 17-25 students
  • Marking assignments and weekly programming tasks
  • Invigilating exams

General IT work, including Linux server maintenance, helpdesk support, web development, Linux and Windows development

Technologies: VMWare, Batch, VBScript, ASP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery



Given the UNSW courses that two people are enrolled in, generate timetables that give them the most time together inside and outside of class.

A helpdesk ticketing system built for Bromic, genericised for wider use.

Python+CGI web store for books. Started as a COMP2041 assignment, but has far many more features than were required.
Emanuel Computing

We wrote a course on Bash Scripting and Intro to C, which we then taught at Emanuel School.
SOS (Simple Operating System)

From UNSW's infamous Advanced Operating Systems subject. Code not publicly available.

A universal repository of calculators (e.g. compound interest, body mass index) that creates input forms (and then calculates the result) based on formula templates expressed using Jinja2. See an example running here.

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